Fundraising Program Overview

​Glazed and Confused prides itself in supporting local charities and organizations. Our Fundraising Program is a great way to bring a community together to experience our fresh, made-to-order, mini donut truck while also raising money for your group.

How it Works



What is Included?
-200 Servings of Mini Donuts (Each serving feeds 1 person)
-A full menu of 6-7 different donut varieties
-2 hours of donut truck service at your location
-All serving utensils and packaging
-Available any Monday-Thursday based on our truck’s availability.

What do I need to do?
-You will be responsible to sell and distribute 200 vouchers/tickets that each can be exchanged for a serving of donuts the day of the event.
-We suggest a retail value of $6 per ticket.
-Consider running a special of 4 tickets for $20 to increase sales!
-You may sell the tickets beforehand or setup a table at the event and sell tickets on the spot.
-Any money you collect from the sale of the 200 vouchers is yours to keep!

Day of the event:
-On the day of the event, we will arrive at your location approximately 1 hour before the official event start time to set up.

-Once we are ready to serve, your guests will be able to exchange their voucher/ticket for 1 serving of donuts.

-These donuts will be made fresh-to-order and served hot. We will stay open for two hours.
-We suggest setting up a table near our truck to sell tickets the day of the event.
-The package includes up to 200 servings. If you sell more than 200 tickets, you will be responsible to pay us $4 for each additional ticket over 200. 

How much money will this raise for our organization?
As mentioned, we suggest selling each ticket for $6 and the package includes 200 servings. If you sell 200 tickets at $6 you will generate $1200 in sales. After paying the program fee of $750 you will be left with $450 in donations.

Expect more than 200 guests….no problem! For every additional ticket sold, you will owe us an additional $4.00. Example, you sell 300 tickets for a total of $1800. You will owe us the initial $750.00 fee plus an additional $400 for the extra 100 tickets sold. You will be left with $650 for your organization.

The key to a successful fundraiser is being able to spread the word to your local community. Consider using social media, school bulletin boards and coordinating with local police and fire departments. We want to make this program as successful as possible and encourage you to provide any feedback or suggestions. 

Please fill out the below form if you have any questions or want to setup an event date. 

Hot, fresh, made-to-order mini donuts helping to meet your sweet cravings! We'll cater to your needs by bringing one of our newly, built food trucks, indoor catering tabletops, or a simple delivery! DoNut Miss Out on Us!