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Catering Packages

While we are known for our fresh - made to order - mini donuts, we also have a full line of donuts that can be delivered right to your door! All of our donuts are made just HOURS before they are delivered! The batter recipe is slightly different then what you are used to at our fairs and festivals. The donuts themselves are double the size, about the width of a lemon.

 We suggest a serving size of 3-4 mini donuts per person.

Donut Worry Be Happy! (Serves 20-25 people) - $165  This package includes 90 donuts. You may choose up to 4 flavors

Show Me the Donuts! (Serves 40-50 people) - $295 This package includes 180 bite size donuts. You may choose up to 6 flavors

No such thing as too many Donuts! (Serves up to 100) - $495 This package includes 360 bite size donuts. You may choose up to 8 flavors

Please fill out the below form or contact us directly at: minidonutsnyc{at}

Indicate which package you would like and also the delivery address and time.  Most orders are confirmed within an hour. Since our menu options are constantly changing, we will send you our current offerings once we receive your inquiry. Once the order is confirmed, we will collect payment. 

‚Äč(NOTE: $25 delivery fee applies)

Donut Delivery

Hot, fresh, made-to-order mini donuts helping to meet your sweet cravings! We'll cater to your needs by bringing one of our newly, built food trucks, indoor catering tabletops, or a simple delivery! DoNut Miss Out on Us!    

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Need something to impress your clients? How about an unique way to liven up your dessert bar? Introducing our new line of pre-made mini donuts!

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